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Forever Home Rescue New England is a

501 (c)(3) organization devoted to saving

the lives of dogs. We follow the rules of Massachusetts regarding the transport,

quarantine and adoption of dogs.

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Forever Home Rescue New England is a 501c organization devoted to saving the lives of dogs. We follow all the rules of the state of MA in doing transports and adoptions. 

Next open house will be Monday, May 30 from 3-5pm at 106 Adams St, Medfield, MA.
Dogs who will be there are  Ms. Kringle, Rosie AKA Stella Pup,  Tommy AKA Parker, Herron,  Merlin,  Betty Boop, Thor, Downey,
Lil Rascal, River, and Buster unless adopted prior. 
Wrangler and Joanie can be met at their foster homes.
Any dogs who are local can also be met at their foster homes, once you are approved to adopt. 
To attend an open house, you must be approved, have an appointment  and wear a mask. 
You can fill out an application and just write 'open house' in the space for the dog's name if you don't have a particular dog you are interested in.

Contact us at foreverhomerescue@gmail.com

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Click here to fill out our adoption application. 

Before doing so, please be sure you see the dog you want in our adoptable dogs postings. There are other rescue groups with similar names.

Contact us at foreverhomerescue@gmail.com