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We rescue dogs from bad situations and place them in loving homes!









Photo and text of rescued dog

Forever Home Rescue New England is a

501 (c)(3) organization devoted to saving

the lives of dogs. We follow the rules of Massachusetts regarding the transport,

quarantine and adoption of dogs.

Forever Home Rescue New England is a 501c organization devoted to saving the lives of dogs. We follow all the rules of the state of MA in doing transports and adoptions. 

Next open house will be Monday, Feb 6 from 2-4 pm at 106 Adams St, Medfield, MA.
Open house is by appointment only. Best to fill out an application ahead of time in order to get an appointment.
Dogs who will be there are:
     Lita, Willie, Angelica, and Missy Momma unless adopted prior. 
 Bodhi can be met at his foster home in the area.
Any of the open house dogs can also be met at their foster homes, once you are approved to adopt. You don't have to wait till next open house.
You can fill out an application and just write 'open house' in the space for the dog's name if you don't have a particular dog you are interested in.

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Click on the photo below to see our ADOPTABLE DOGS


photo of dog

Click the button below to donate to FHRNE in memory of Joseph Dorsey or John Brodcerick  (not to be used for dog or puppy adoptions or general donations, thank you! The yellow button on the left bottom is for those)

Contact us at

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