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Fostering is fun! 

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foster dad and foster dog

We are in need of volunteer foster families for our Forever Home Rescue dogs coming from the south each week. Our dogs are rescued from overpopulated shelters where dogs are euthanized if homes are not found for them. We like to bring a few dogs north each week to homes in New England where prospective adopters can meet the dog prior to deciding whether to adopt. Most of the time the first applicant we send ends up taking the dog home! The average length of time that a dog stays in a foster home is two to three weeks (much less for pups, longer sometimes for older dogs). If you had to go away, we can arrange to move the dog to another foster.


We also always need homes without other dogs for some of our dogs who need to be 'only' dogs.   


Fosters should live within a 20 mile or so radius of Medfield, MA in order to be able to get their dogs to open houses, but pickups and dropoffs can be arranged around peoples' work schedules.


We require that you have some dog experience, and that you are not actually looking to adopt a dog.  It is possible for fosters to keep dogs that they foster, but if adoption is your primary goal, then it's best to fill out the adoption application.  There is a two week trial period for all of our adoptions. 


If you would like to become a foster parent, please download the foster application and mail it to the address at the top. If you have any questions about becoming a foster parent, you can email us or click here for our foster FAQs.


Thank you for even considering fostering!

If you can't foster but would like to help out at our facility, see below.

How can I volunteer?

Whether it is cleaning out kennels, assisting on an adoption, or processing a dog’s health records, our team of volunteers is dedicated to finding loving forever homes for our dogs.   Relationships are forged among our volunteers because of this common passion and our collaborative work environment.  We are looking for volunteers who can share in this passion and are willing to roll up their sleeves and help. 

Volunteers provide help with:

  • Feeding dogs and cleaning kennels

  • Organizing, stocking, and maintaining our facilities

Volunteers must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be willing to make at least a 4-month commitment

Volunteers working with our dogs must also: 

  • Have experience handling dogs of different sizes and ages

  • Be able to lift up to 30 lbs

  • Be able to work on their feet for at least 2 hours

  • Have the ability to bend, squat, crouch, and kneel while cleaning kennels

  • Be up to date on tetanus vaccine

  • Attend our training sessions

Prior to signing up for shifts working with our dogs, new volunteers must attend volunteer training.  Session topics include dog handling, feeding and kennel procedures, quarantine protocols, and other important information about our rescue.  

If you are interested in joining our team of dedicated volunteers, complete the following application.  We will follow up to let you know of volunteer openings currently available.

Volunteer Application


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