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Our name says it all!  Our goal is to find our dogs permanent loving homes, where they will be treated

as a member of the family for the rest of their lives.

As such, we will be happy to work with you to help you find the right dog for your family.


Our adoption fees include transportation, all necessary veterinarian fees, quarantine charges and spay/neuter procedures and generally range from $500 to 550.


The Process

• Complete and submit the online adoption application. Please tell us about yourself so that we can do our best to ensure a match with the best dog for you. We will check the references and process your application.

If you have owned a dog in the past, please also let your veterinarian know we will be calling to check on how you have cared for previous dog(s). If you haven't owned a dog before, we will likely want to schedule a home visit by one of our rescue volunteers. This is a two-way informational meeting. We like to see where the dog will be living as well as to give some information about owning a dog. It generally takes from one to five business days to process an application. We are all volunteers, and sometimes receive multiple applications for the same dog. We do strive to respond to applications and inquiries as quickly as we can. 


• If you've been approved as an adopter and the dog is in a foster home in the Northeast, we will contact you to set up a time and location to meet the dog. You'll be asked to sign an adoption contract and to pay the adoption fee prior to bringing the dog home with you.


• If you've been approved as an adopter and the dog is in the South, we will make the arrangements to bring the dog to the Northeast. You'll be asked to sign an adoption contract and to pay the adoption fee prior to bringing the dog home with you.


Keep in mind that even if you are approved, that doesn't guarantee getting a particular dog until you are actually asked to place the deposit for that dog.  Sometimes we have several good applicants for the same dog.  Don't get discouraged, we always have more dogs needing forever homes!


There is a four-week trial period for every adoption. Once you are approved to adopt a certain dog, you will be instructed to make the deposit via the Adoption Deposit button on this page. The deposit is $100. 


If you find within the four weeks that the dog doesn't fit well into your home, he or she will be moved into foster care and the adoption fee, minus $100, will be refunded.






photo of dog

If you have been asked by Forever Home Rescue New England to place a deposit for a dog or pup, please click on the

                ADOPTION DEPOSIT 

button below.  You will be directed to PayPal but can use a major credit card as well if preferred.




Transportation Information

Our transport service is a climate controlled large van that travels up from the south almost weekly, and arrives in New England on Saturdays. 

Dogs and pups being adopted in MA must fulfill

our state's required two-day quarantine at our site in Medfield, MA, before going to their forever homes. The states of RI and NH now also have a quarantine requirement.  By reciprocal arrangement, RI and NH adopters can pick up their dogs from our facility. 


Adoption Open Houses are generally held on Mondays from 3 - 5 pm at

106 Adams Street in Medfield, MA. Keep an eye on our home page for the next one


When the time comes, we will provide you with all the instructions, times, locations and directions for picking up your dog.

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