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What kind of dogs does Forever Home Rescue New England have for adoption?
We are an all-breed rescue, and our dogs range from 12-week-old puppies to very large dogs of all ages.

What are the costs involved in adopting a dog from Forever Home Rescue New England?
Our adoption fee, which includes transport, all necessary veterinarian fees, spay/neuter procedures, and quarantine charges, generally range from $500 to $550.

Is there a deposit?
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required if you wish to adopt one of our dogs still in the South.  Should you change your mind after the dog travels north, we would need to find a foster home for the dog which strains our resources.
The deposit is not an additional fee, it is part of the total adoption fee.

If you are adopting a dog already at FHRNE, you pay the adoption fee in full once you are approved and meet the dog.  In this case, no deposit is required, but placing a deposit on the dog ensures we will no longer show the dog to other prospective families.
Can I visit the dog before I adopt?
Sometimes. Forever Home Rescue New England is not a shelter. We are a network of foster homes in both the South and the Northeast. If you've applied and been approved as an adopter, we will contact you to set up a meeting with the dog at its local foster home.


Dogs in the Northeast are marked UPDATE or COME MEET on our site.  If you've been approved as an adopter, and the dog is in the South, the dog will need to be taken from its foster situation in the South and brought to the Northeast. We make the arrangements and will contact you to set up a time and location to pick up the dog  at our quarantine facility if you live in MA or RI, or at the closest transport stop if you live in other states.
What happens if the dog or pup doesn't fit well with our family?
There is a four week trial period, whether you adopt from the Northeast or the South. If you find within the four weeks that the dog doesn't fit well into your home, he or she will be moved into foster care, and a refund of the adoption fee minus $100 will be given.

Please fill out our returning dog form here.
How do I start the adoption process?
Complete and submit the online adoption application under the "How to Adopt" tab. Please tell us about yourself so that we can do our best to ensure we match you with the best dog for you. We will check your references and process your application.
How soon do I get the dog or pup?
If you've been approved as an adopter, the length of time it takes to receive your new pet varies. If the dog is still a puppy and located in the South, the pup can travel North only after it has received two to three sets of puppy shots and reached approximately 12 weeks of age. If the dog is an older dog, usually the dog can be brought up to the Northeast within a week or two of the adoption approval. If the dog is already in foster care in the Northeast, the dog can go home once the adoption fee has been paid.

How will I know the pet is in good health?
Every pet comes with a health certificate stating their vaccinations, proof of spay/neuter, de-wormings and overall health status.

Im not ready to adopt  are there other ways to help?
Yes! You can become a foster parent to a dog, sponsor a specific dog, or submit a general donation to our rescue. Buying Forever Home New England gear also supports our rescue, and if youd like to discuss fundraising opportunities contact us.

Questions about Forever Home Rescue New England

What is Forever Home Rescue New England?
We are a non-profit 501(c)3 rescue group based in New England. Behind the scenes are our  many volunteers throughout the South and New England. We are all friends with the desire to save as many dogs as possible from unfortunate situations in the southern United States, high-risk (often three-day kill) shelters: abandonment, starvation, and lack of care.  We're passionate believers that an organization needs not just a big heart to succeed, but the ability to run smoothly, safely and professionally.

Why do you work primarily with dogs from the South?
We recognize that there are animals in need all over the country. We'd help them all if we could. Yet we wanted to focus our limited resources in the areas where we thought we could make the greatest impact. So we find our dogs in the South, where many shelters are overcrowded and need our help in placing their dogs.


How can I volunteer?

If you are 18 or over and have time, especially on weekends or Mondays, we can use your help at our kennel in Medfield. Please fill out our volunteer form and submit it.  Thank you! 

I still have questions; how can I contact you?
contact us:


Other ways to help

You can help the rescue by shopping at CafePress which is the 'SHOP' for Forever Home Rescue NE clothing. You can personalize any item with your own dog's photo. Just click on the FHR gear button (with the teddy bear) on the bottom of this page



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